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Award ceremony: innovation for a better life - linking agricultural research to results in the field ( 15 december, eth zürich) program flyer. plant mol biol 64: 549– 557. anjanappa, ima m. ( ) transgenic cassava resistance to african cassava mosaic virus is enhanced by viral dna- a bidirectional promoter- derived sirnas. gene si­ len­ cing in dif­ fer­ ent or­ gans of cas­ sava plants, in­ clud. in the present work, we inoculated cbsv– susceptible and – resistant cassava varieties with a mixed infection of cbsvs using top- cleft grafting. starch is composed of the glucose polymers amylopectin and. recent advances in cassava ( manihot esculenta crantz) transformation have facilitated the effective generation of stably transformed cassava plants with favorable traits. herve vanderschuren eth “ we hope that these platforms can help spread the technology to farmers and consumers.

discover the season' s must- have designer clothing, shoes & accessories. vanderschuren h,, ku leuven nucleic acids research,, 47( 2) : e9 doi: 10. " in order to allow the cultivation of genetically. gabon is known for its forest that covers 85% of the country, or 22 million hectares. institute of plant physiology and ecology, shanghai institute for biological sciences, chinese academy of sciences, 300 fenglin road, shanghai 32, china * correspondence ( fax + 41‐ 44‐ ; e‐ mail ch. hervé vanderschuren, “ gene technology has been used. stacking genes for multiple trait genetic modification. the principle crop grown by the farmers is manioc, or cassava root, which is an essential source of iron and vitamins for the population. pd hervé vanderschuren, eth zurich maria emma christine rey ( univ of witwatersrand, sa) devang mehta.

grown for its large starch- rich storage roots, it serves as a staple food and a commodity in the multibillion- dollar starch industry. zainuddin, wilhelm gruissem department of biology, plant biotechnology, eth zurich, zurich, switzerland abstract cassava brown streak disease ( cbsd) and cassava mosaic disease ( cmd) are currently two major viral diseases that severely. browse among the latest trends in fashion, find the best items to your taste. " this is an important step to ensure that improved varieties can be tested under field conditions, " says vanderschuren. view herve vanderschuren’ s profile on linkedin, the world’ s largest professional community. the research teams from plant biochemistry and plant biotechnology together with hervé vanderschuren, a former cassava group leader at eth and now at the university of liège, used the famous crispr- cas9 gene scissors to make changes to the crop plant’ s genome. vanderschuren, together with colleagues in africa, want to test if the improved cassava variety in the field remains resistant to both viruses under natural conditions. devang mehta 1 2, alessandra stürchler 3, ravi b anjanappa 3, syed shan- e- ali zaidi 4, matthias hirsch- hoffmann 3, wilhelm gruissem 3, hervé vanderschuren 5 6 affiliations 1 laboratory of plant biotechnology, institute of molecular plant biology, department of biology, eth zurich, universitätstra, zurich, switzerland.

, ] [ 1] ; [ legg et al. as the next step, prof. according to a release, researchers at eth zurich led by a professor of plant biotechnology, wilhelm gruissem and his senior scientist, dr. herve has 3 jobs listed on their profile. , environmental safety and metabolism, itingen, switzerland. this could help to protect millions of people in africa from serious deficiencies. of biologygruissem, wilhelm / gruissem, wilhelm. curriculum vitae – hervé vanderschuren 2/ 5 blockcourses at eth zurich.

cassava brown streak viruses ( cbsvs) are responsible for significant cassava yield losses in eastern sub– saharan africa. robust transformation is based on agrobacterium- mediated transformation of friable embryogenic cal. only 5% of the land is used for agriculture, and subsistence farming dominates the sector. genetic transformation of plants is an indispensable technique used for fundamental research and crop improvement. ( all pictures: hervé vander churen. crop diversification required to meet demands for food security and industrial use is often challenged by breeding time and amenability of varieties to genome modification. see the complete profile on linkedin and discover herve’ s connections and jobs at similar companies. achim walter and dr. we performed rna- seq of the two.

vanderschuren h, akbergenov r, pooggin mm, hohn t, gruissem w, et al. the method can be used as a low- cost and rapid high- throughput eval­ u­ ation of gene func­ tion in cas­ sava leaves, fibrous roots and stor­ age roots. plant scientists engineered the cassava plant to produce higher levels of vitamin b6 in its storage roots and leaves. university of the witwatersrand. box lg 80 legon, accra, ghana. in many tropical countries, particularly in sub.

cassava herve vanderschuren eth is one such crop. professor hervé vanderschuren ( plant genetics lab, gembloux agro- bio tech - université de liège) together with colleagues at eth zurich ( switzerland) has established a new method for the high- throughput sequencing of full virus genomes. their study has just been published in the journal science advances. researchers in our laboratory develop new traits in the globally important crops cassava, rice and wheat. virus titres in grafted scions were monitored in a time course experiment in both varieties. editorial activities. credit: eth zurich/ hervé vanderschuren in many tropical countries, particularly in sub- saharan africa, cassava is one of the most important staple foods. school of molecular and cell biology. back­ ground vigs is a power­ ful tool to trig­ ger tran­ si­ ent sequence- specific gene si­ len­ cing in planta. a cure for vitamin b6 deficiency.

herve´ vanderschuren*, isabel moreno, ravi b. mehta d, stürchler a, hirsch- hoffmann m, gruissem w, vanderschuren h genome biology ( ) a new full- length circular dna sequencing method for viral- sized genomes reveals that rnai transgenic plants provoke a shift in geminivirus populations in the field. view article google scholar 14. bull plant biotechnology, department of biology, eth zürich, 8092 zürich, switzerland adrian alder plant biotechnology, department of biology, eth zürich, 8092 zürich, switzerland cristina barsan gembloux agro- bio tech, university of liège, 5030 gembloux, belgium. welcome to the gruissem laboratory website at the institute of molecular plant biology in zurich. eth zürich summary:. the seventh blog in this series outlines the work of professor hervé vanderschuren ( eth herve vanderschuren eth zurich & university of liège, gembloux agro- bio tech), nominated for the louis malassis international scientific prize for young promising scientist. herve vanderschuren created date: 10: 12: 27 pm. in many tropical countries, particularly in sub- saharan africa, cassava is one of the most important staple foods.

1 eth zurich, institute of process engineering, bioprocess laboratory ( bpl), 2 eth zurich, institute of plant science, plant biotechnology, zurich, switzerland, 3 max planck institute for molecular genetics, analytics & computing, berlin, germany and 4 harlan laboratories ltd. 1093/ nar/ gky914 pmid: pmcid: pmc6344846. we are members of the eth zurich department of biology, the zurich- basel plant science center, and the life science zurich graduate school. gina garland ( right) of eth zürich has won the sfiar phd/ post- doc award for her project " the use of maize- pigeon pea intercropping to enhance organic phosphorus cycling and maize yields in malawi". 1 department of biology, eth zurich, 8092 zurich, switzerland 2 department of botany and plant biology, university of geneva, 1211 geneva, switzerland 3 agrobiochem department, gembloux agro- bio tech, university of liège, 5030 gembloux, belgium * correspondence: herve. large- scale proteomics of the cassava storage root and identification of a target gene to reduce postharvest deterioration. your destination for style discovery & inspiration - free shipping & free returns. people eat the starchy.

making sure that the technology is readily available to laboratories in developing countries is equally important, ” explained lead research on the study at eth zurich, herve vanderschuren. cassava brown streak disease ( cbsd) is one of the most damaging cassava virus diseases in africa causing harvest losses of up to 70% in susceptible varieties ( [ hillocks herve vanderschuren eth et al. people eat the starchy storage roots but. herve´ vanderschuren*, isabel moreno, ravi b. genetic engineering is considered to be an important tool for the improvement of cassava. cassava is a highly heterozygous crop species for which conventional breeding is a lengthy and tedious process. more herve vanderschuren eth images. eduardo perez, eth zurich maría elvira zúñiga ( creas, chile) guillaume lacavé: engineering durable resistance to viral diseases in cassava for sustainable industrial production in southern africa.

credit: hervé vanderschuren via eth zurich) adding vitamin b6 in the latest issue of nature biotechnology, scientists present a new genetically modified cassava variety that produces several. vanderschuren, eth zurich session 5- ­ ‐ 7: environmental impacts of industrial agriculture: the example of palm oil in southeast asia lian pin koh, eth zurich no farmer leh behind: the challenge of encompassing smallholders in sustainable agriculture. hervé vanderschuren; affiliations simon e. credit: eth zurich/ hervé vanderschuren. the fiat panis foundation in germany, which has supported cassava research at eth, has already reserved funding for field experiments. we acknowledge support from eth zurich, the university of geneva, the swiss national science foundation ( project 31003a_ and the earmarked fund for the china agriculture re. wilfred elegba 1, 2, *, wilhelm gruissem 1, 3 and hervé vanderschuren 1, 4, 5, * 1 plant biotechnology, institute of molecular plant biology, department of biology, eth zurich, 8092 zurich, switzerland; ch 2 biotechnology and nuclear agriculture research institute, gaec, p. ongoing cbsd outbreaks are threatening cassava production in sub– saharan africa ( [. cassava has characteristic leaves that can be eaten as a vegetable. janice lee, eth zurich.

institute of plant sciences, eth zurich, universitätstra zurich, switzerland. plant scientists have engineered the cassava plant to produce higher levels of vitamin b6 in its storage roots and leaves.

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